Why MSPs Need to Focus on Community Building: The New Competitive Advantage

Sep 29, 2023

MSP's should focus on the Community


Managed Service Providers (MSPs) face a unique set of challenges to stay ahead, but talk to any number of them, and you probably won’t find a focus on the community. While technical expertise and cutting-edge solutions are essential, there’s an often-overlooked asset that can set you apart: community engagement. In this blog post, we’ll explore why MSPs should actively participate in their local and online communities and how this involvement can bring unprecedented brand and financial benefits.


More Exposure

Local Engagement

By engaging with the community, MSPs can significantly increase their local exposure and market presence. Check out my prior article about the ripple effect of business exchanges for a deeper dive into this concept. Whether you’re sponsoring a local tech event or offering free workshops, community involvement provides an excellent opportunity for brand recognition. Be sure to wear your company shirts so people can easily identify your team as they contribute.

Social Media Leverage

Today, word-of-mouth has gone digital. Participating in online communities allows you to tap into networks that can share and amplify your message far beyond your immediate circle. By recording a few videos of your company helping out, you’ve just created long term assets that will be on the internet forever. Free advertising is pretty great, hey?


Building Brand and Employee Loyalty Through a Mission

Leadership and Employee Loyalty

Involvement in community service not only amplifies your brand but also fosters a strong sense of loyalty among your employees. It also enhances your Leadership status. Providing a mission beyond the day-to-day business operations resonates with team members and encourages them to go the extra mile. This dual benefit enhances your brand’s reputation and creates a more dedicated workforce. How does this impact the bottom line? Employee retention is a huge driver of budget expense variance.


New Ownership Profiles

Millennial and Gen-Z Business Owners

As millennials and Gen-Z individuals step into roles of business ownership, their values are shaping the business landscape. Unlike their predecessors, they tend to place a higher value on social responsibility, community involvement, and ethical conduct.

Alignment with New Values

For MSPs, understanding and aligning with these values can open doors to new opportunities. New business owners are more likely to engage with service providers who share their commitment to community building, sustainability, and social impact.


What’s Important for the New Generation?

Authentic Relationships

Today’s entrepreneurs are looking for more than just a vendor; they’re looking for partners in their journey. Community involvement provides an avenue for MSPs to build authentic relationships that go beyond transactional interactions. Current MSP marketing is traditional in that it’s geared to Gen-X. We’re seeing more MSP podcasts and social media content, but let’s think ahead – your MSP should be targeting future generations.

Ask your Marketing team how are they addressing these new generations differently. If they don’t have an answer, consider scheduling a consultation with my business partner, and competitive marketing intelligence expert, Jillyn Dillon of Technology Aloha.

Social Impact

The new generation of business owners is keen on making a positive social impact. By being involved in the community, you can demonstrate that your MSP is not just about profit but also has a broader mission that aligns with their own. And if it isn’t obvious – it will make you feel better!


Call to Action

As a holistic Fractional CFO based in Maui, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact that community involvement can have on a business.

If you’re an MSP looking to elevate your business, don’t underestimate the power of community. By aligning your business values with those of the upcoming generation and engaging with the community, you can build a sustainable, successful business that stands out from the crowd. That’s pretty important when it comes to being a commodity.

Let’s talk about how we can set these community-focused business goals for your MSP. Contact me today by scheduling a complimentary consultation to see if my holistic approach to financial growth is right for your company.