Maui Fractional CFO explained

Aug 3, 2023

As I was mingling around the local chapter of BNI No Ka Oi today, the Treasurer swung by to give me some tips on messaging to the group.

In my 45 second commercial, I tried to provide something of value to the members there by sharing a unique business philosophy that goes hand in hand with excellence.

It was a quick recap of the 1% Factor that’s part of my “The Efficient Accountant” course, and included in the “All the Things” package. I figured it would be more memorable and useful than “forward looking decisions making…etc.” While my anecdote might have been interesting, it didn’t change the fact that people were confused. This was the second time I had been there, so for anyone to have a question on what I did, meant I needed to seriously re-think marketing strategy and messaging going forward.

It’s easy for me to understand what a “Fractional CFO (FCFO or vCFO)” is. I am heavily involved in a CFO community on LinkedIn that only discusses issues and topics related to my profession. All we do is share information on the industry. I figured everyone who might be in the market for a Fractional CFO would know what “Part-Time CFO” meant. I thought the term, and service, was part of everyday business – I was wrong. Another mistake was the assumption that if someone didn’t know what Fractional CFO meant, then they probably weren’t my target market. They might know someone!

There sure are a lot of “I’s” in this blog, and that’s the problem. It’s not about me, it’s about the customer. We’re supposed to find their pain points, and create solutions. The messaging should be concise and crystal clear. This rings true for every business. If customers don’t know what your offer is on your homepage – they’re gone. The same seems to be true in person! I feel like I knew that, but thought I would try something different. It didn’t work, but it was a fun learning lesson. That’s the fun (and brutal) part about running your own business – every day is failure! Woot! Of course, every day is learning from your mistakes too…which is why I am drawn to this business.

So let me use the Corporate Financial Institute’s ideas from one of their classes:

Every company can benefit from FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis). EVERY company.

The Fractional CFO service is forward looking, decision making backed up by data, analysis, and intelligence.

Accounting and bookkeeping are critical business components that report on the past, finance looks into the future.

A CFO, or Fractional CFO, takes that data, and comes up with strategies to meet the financial goals that serve the vision of the company.


As a business owner, do you have a vision? If so, call a CFO.

Can’t afford one? Then hit up a Fractional CFO.

Can’t afford one of those? lol…hit me up and we’ll talk anyway. 🙂 I need experience, and you need help.