The Evolution of MSPs: More than Just Tech Support

Oct 6, 2023

MSP Wizard of Innovation

Re-branding is not just a makeover of logos and taglines.

It’s a reevaluation of the MSP commodity role and value proposition. Maui CFO recently wrote a blog post on the need for MSP’s to focus on the community, but that’s just for internal profits and exposure. Let’s keep pushing the limits of creative strategic marketing to gain a competitive advantage from your peers.

As technology and customer needs evolve, MSPs need to realize that their services must align with broader business objectives.

What’s the broad objective? To help customers grow.

MSPs make money when their customers increase seats. What’s the best way for that to happen? To assist their visions with technology implementation.

Check out this recent article from James Henderson to see another evolution jump for MSPs, specifically the CIO role.

This article discusses how MSPs can transition from ticket taking centers to true partnerships by assisting with innovation to level up their customers bottom line, not just their own.

Make no mistake, this is not easy. The article doesn’t give step by step instructions. It’s conceptual in nature meant to change how you think.


Strategy Experts: The New Value Add

Look anywhere on LinkedIn, and you’ll great MSP marketing advice from new and veteran marketing agencies, but most are downstream strategies. Downstream marketing is a focus on short term sales and revenue generation. Examples would be speaking engagements, webinars, paid advertisements, etc.

Sure these are necessary ideas, but let’s follow Brian Veau’s lead and work to innovate with the customer.

Instead of QBRs designed around how the MSP can assist in the future architecture of physical expansion (reactive), how about using that expensive marketing strategist on your MSP’s payroll to work with the client, and their needs (proactive)?

What advancements are being made in their industry? What new tech could increase their revenues, and how can your technology team make that change happen more easily? Is your strategist keeping current on your customer’s needs?

Oh, and the PAX8 OML framework isn’t too shabby in leveling up company’s either.

Don’t limit your role to projects and servicing end users!


Why It Matters: The Client Perspective

For clients, this new approach means a one-stop solution for both strategic planning and technology implementation. Instead of hiring a separate consultancy for strategic advice and then another MSP for tech support, clients can now find both skills under one roof. This integrated approach is more cost-effective and fosters seamless execution.

Oh yah – it instantly provides your MSP with an unfair competitive advantage, especially if you invest in a niche. Instead of providing innovation to one of your customers, you can do it for all. Cha-ching!


Building Long-term Client Relationships

The holistic model facilitates longer, more profitable relationships between MSPs and clients. Both parties become deeply invested in mutual success, shifting the MSP’s role from an external vendor to an integral part of the client’s internal team.

This is how you get invited to a QBR via gold envelope sealed with red wax vs. hoping your QBR request doesn’t get ignored in your customer’s inbox.


A Glimpse into the Future of MSPs

Technology is changing fast. No longer limited to IT services, next-generation MSPs could emerge as holistic service providers that align more closely with their clients’ business goals because they are investing in the same vision as their client.

Sounds easy, what’s the catch?


You gotta find a marketing strategist.


Maui CFO has partnered with Technology Aloha for fractional competitive marketing intelligence to go along with our holistic MSP CFO services. If you’d like to work with us to start pulling ahead of the peloton of average MSP’s, schedule a complimentary consultation today.